Yoga & Health

In today’s fast-paced world with ever more increasing competition and stress for all groups- children, youth and adults, yoga can be that one stop shop to destress and find remedies for your health woes. These days you don’t need hours of workout or expensive gym memberships to stay healthy or stay in shape.


Yoga is one of the most effective ways of getting the perfect health of body, mind and soul. Few minutes of Yoga in the morning, evening or afternoon can do wonders to tone up your body and keep it supple. Yoga has several health benefits- right from curing migraine to getting the digestive system back on track and even setting your nervous system in order.


So, if you are keen on taking up yoga as a daily workout routine for your health, here are a few tips on what you can do:
  • Take a deep breath
  • Exhale and chant Om
  • Repeat it thrice

All yoga workouts should begin with the word Om so that your body can start on a positive note with immense rejuvenation. Chatin Om has several benefits. It can activate all the seven chakras in your body. These chakras are located at several significant points in your body and they function as effective energy points which can be activated by various yogic kriyas. These chakras are Muladhar Chakra around the sacrum, Swadhishthana Chakra around the belly, Manipura Chakra around the ribs, Anahata Chakra around the heart, Ajna Chakra around the eyebrows and Sahasrara Chakra around the top of the head. While chanting Om vibrations can be felt in the body passing through all these chakras.

Then you can go ahead by doing the Surya Namaskar cycle:
  • Inhale and raise your hands
  • Exhale and bend down in Uttana Asana
  • Exhale and take your feet back into Adhomukhasvana Asana
  • Exhale and bend forward and upward into Urdhvamukhasvana Asana
  • Exhale and touch your head to the floor into Chaturanga Danda Asana
  • Exhale and repeat all these asanas again by first doing Urdhvamukhasvana Asana
  • Exhale and do Adhomukhasvana Asana
  • Exhale into Uttana Asana
  • Finally Namaskar Asana

In this way one can get rid of any bad habits you may have. If you need to relieve yourself of any tension or lifestyle stress, do these asanas and you will be energized. You can even quit smoking and get rid of excessive alcoholism by performing these asanas everyday for a couple of months to start with. One can even attain peace of mind and release oneself of mental tension by doing these asanas. If you continue to do these poses regularly, you are at a low risk of heart and other cardiovascular diseases. You even get a lustrous skin and can stay in shape with regulated weight and body mass. Along with Yoga it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and a healthy eating pattern. This will increase the benefit of doing yoga. Always eat light and healthy with least spices and oils in your food. You should include a lot more organic food with cereal and coarse grain as a necessary part of your diet.

Yoga can also be done to reduce mental diseases like depression and other such psychiatric and mental disorders. While doing asanas such hormones and chemicals are secreted that the various processes in our mind and body are regulated and optimized. One doesn’t get an angst to smoke, drink or live extremes of life; one doesn’t want to be destructive or fall into unnecessary habits which are not good for one’s health. If one practices yoga, all processes and movements of body fluids get regularized. An important component of this kind of yoga that can cause lifestyle changes in your daily life is meditation. Meditation is of many kinds, prominent among which is Dhyana. It can be done thus:
  • Close your eyes
  • Focus on your breath
  • Breathe deep from your stomach
  • Inhale and stomach bloats up
  • Exhale and stomach goes in
  • Watch your breath for fifteen minutes
  • Feel your Naabhi around the belly
  • Watch the passage of the breath within
  • Later focus on ‘third eye’
  • Meditate between your eyebrows
  • Sit silently
  • Withdraw your senses
  • Observe your surroundings

This kind of meditation can do wonders if done even for half-an-hour with concentration and focus. Meditation is essential to get your lifestyle in place. Some may feel it is similar to a form of prayer you might have learnt in your religion. But in reality it is much more. It can give you an aura you so want for the welfare of all those around you. It helps you stay focused and in control at all times. It is on rare occasions that you find yourself flustered or mentally disturbed at the slightest of changes in your daily life.

Meditation is the panacea for all diseases and minor issues you might have related to your health. Everyday practice of meditation can do wonders to your mental health and mental peace. Most diseases are considered to be psychosomatic, right from depression to stomachaches and backaches or even insomnia. It becomes very important to exercise not just your body but also your brain cells and mind. This is possible only through meditation. Meditation is nothing but mind-healing and mind-training. There are several kinds of meditation- from Vipasanna to Buddhist and Osho and Sahaj Yoga. Each form of meditation is about a different kind of practice which needs to be mastered. Hence its very important that you should learn to train yourself for meditative practices by sitting for long hours in silence, observation and a pose of serenity.

You should perform these asanas for body and mind and give your feedback on what you think about healthy yoga and its daily practice. Let us know- how has it rejuvenated you? How has it energized you? How has Yoga changed your life? How has Yoga brought a ray of hope in your life? How has it transformed you from within?