Writing is something Navodita is passionate about. She has been writing poems and prose since she was a child, both in Hindi and in English. She began writing as a graduate student for the student magazine ‘Image’ in University of Allahabad. She published her first work in Hindi which was a biography of her grandmother and her life through the Indian independence movement.

She went on to write a book on television based on her experiences as a television journalist. The book was titled ‘TV Journalism: An Introduction to Practices’ (APH Publishers). She also published her Ph.D. which was titled ‘Mass Media and Elections’ (APH Publishers).

Her work on Yoga is also published. First was her book titled ‘Yoga: The Oriental Healing’ (Partridge Publications), then her second work on Yoga was a compilation of her contributions for a webzine titled ‘Yoga Education’ (APH Publishers).

She continues to write short stories, poems, recipes and articles on her blog