Navodita’s interest in research grew out of her education at Cardiff University where she was taught by some of the eminent media scholars like Simon Cottle, Cindy Carter, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen and Bob Franklin.

As part of her research she has written several papers and presented these, ranging from topics like media and politics to media and development. Some prominent titles are ‘Impact of NarendraModi’s Projection in Media’, ‘Feminization of Media’, ‘Representation of Election News Coverage in Two National Dailies’, ‘Silent Birth’, ‘Gap Year’, ‘Salma Hayek’, ‘SMCR Model’, ‘Integrating Spirituality in Transformational Leadership’, ‘Media Portrayal of Violence Against Women’, ‘A Study on Penetration of Digital Media in Indian Democracy’, ‘Discourse analysis of women politicians in Indian newspapers: Comparative Analysis of The Times of India and DainikJagran’ among others.

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